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Alexa Alexa (Alex) Larz is a mage who is learning to control her powers, that is when she's not playing video games or reading comics.
Catrina Catrina is a very old cat who has taught many witches and wizards to use their powers.  She has some magic herself, but as she'll let you know, she's not the most powerful of her kind.
FrankFrank Buster Williams is the second child of 18. He is a very friendly werewolf and a great cook; however he does tend to be off when guessing genders.
DarrickDarrick Graves is a vampire who is convinced he is cliché for merely being a vampire. He enjoys cookies while watching the news.
ChadChad Alderson is a son of the Alderson Clan, a well know vampire hunting family who has produced some of the top vampire hunters. Chad falls a little short of the family tree, but he has other mad skillz.